How To Pick The Right Color For Dress Shirts

Dress shirts have been around for decades and they are some of the best clothes to pick out as a man. Dress shirts can elegantly affirm your face during professional presentations and absorb the perspiration on a hot day or nervous moments when answering to questions. They can be the perfect concealed outfit to support your sports coat or be worn as the centerpiece of the attire. It is essential to have a few dress shirts in any man’s closet and this should not be a daunting task as there are several distributors in the market. However, not all such cloths you come across depict desirable attributes. What’s more, the broad range contains dress shirts as cheap as $9 in reputable stores to expensive $800 brand name products. Therefore, it is important to keenly review the offers you get before spending your money.

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Finding the best color

There are many retail places offering dress shirts including low quality undesirable products. Fortunately, reputable quality dress shirts have various hallmarking attributes that distinguish them from others. Although most designers will recommend a few options as perfect for specific complexions and styles, choice based on colors and design are obviously subjective. Nonetheless, there are other aspects that are general benchmarks used to identify the right color dress shirt. They are hair and skin color.


  • Black hair and pale skin – This combination is perfect for light tones of blue, medium and light gray or green. Avoid brown, tan yellow and light grey.
  • Blond hair and pale skin – Men who fit this description are good with navy grey, blue, red, brick and green dress shirts. They should however avoid beige, light grey, dark brown and yellow.
  • Brown hair and pale skin – The best colors are medium gray, tan, olive, brown and blue. Try to avoid mustard, dark gray and orange.
  • Gray hair and pale skin – Navy, maroon, black and gray are best for men who fit this description. They should avoid tan, yellow, green, browns and pastels.
  • Red hair and pale skin – Such men should consider pale yellow, brown, blue, green and medium gray dress shirts. Light gray, red and yellow should be the odd colors.
  • Black hair and dark skin – This description fits tan, ivory, yellow, pink, blue and violet colors. Dark blue and dark brown are the no-go zones.
  • Blond hair and dark skin – Such men should go for beige, pink and light gray dress shirts while avoiding dark blue and dark brown.
  • Brown hair and dark skin – The best colors here are violet and pink or other neon. Avoid anything to do with brown.
  • Gray hair and dark skin – The best thing about this description is that most colors will work just fine. However, yellow and pastels should be avoided.
  • Red hair and dark skin – If you have red hair and dark skin then choose gray or tan brown dress shirts. Avoid yellow and red.


These are general observations made by most designers and fashion dressers. It is still possible to look elegant and unique even while wearing colors that should be avoided. However, the above comparisons are the right ones and will look amazing in any day.